Hack My Body

Here is the Details of the Project

“An innovative program that will reshape your lifestyle” HMB is not the bodybuilding program that a pseudo coach has copied and pasted. It is an innovative program that will reshape your understanding of nutrition and therefore transform your body. My name is Coach Cuong and I created the HMB program to help men who have never been able to achieve their dream physique. I want them to be able to feel strong and for their bodies to reflect the determination of their spirit. I therefore combined my experience in Personal training with a dozen coaches also qualified in the science of nutrition "Precision Nutrition n°1"; all in a scalable online program where you can share your progress with people like you. It is a unique fitness and nutrition program on the market that combines training expertise and the best nutrition coaching methods with the support of a real community. Imagine having a certified Personal Trainer, a registered nutritionist with a real weekly follow-up.

ClientCEO Hack My Bosy
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