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First, we nurture the spiritual leaders of the future church. Paul Theological Seminary is composed of faculty members who believe in the complete inspiration and inerrancy of the Bible and who believe in the Westminster Confession of Faith to educate and train spiritual leaders based on Reformed theology.


Second, it is for recharging the words of frontline pastors. Many pastors who are tired of their ministry are realizing the need to recharge the Word. Also, after several years of graduating from seminary, pastors will not be able to understand the current flow of discussion in the theological world. Accordingly, PAT (Paul Theological Seminary) provides practical and evangelical lectures based on the Westminster Confession of Faith every semester in response to the needs of pastors for continuing education.​


Third, we provide in-depth biblical theological lectures to future pastors. While seminary students study at seminary, there are some parts that cannot be fulfilled either biblically or spiritually. PAT provides in-depth biblical theology lectures to future pastors.


Fourth, we will give lay people a taste of God's word in depth. lay leaders

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