Sarah Galvan

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Just like you, I went through moments of doubt, struggle, lack of self-confidence. Only 20% of our thoughts are positive, so for a few years now I have been feeding this joie de vivre by feeling gratitude towards others, life, but above all towards myself . And I can tell you that my life has changed since!

In addition, I take action as soon as an opportunity presents itself to me . From now on, I say yes to everything. I say yes to what risks being uncomfortable for me, because once the action is accomplished, I always fully savor my joy of having gone to the end of things and of having dared.

If you are a sensitive person, who has difficulty letting go and you regularly feel stressed, even anxious, unsure of yourself, then TAKE ACTION! 

Dare to take a first step. The first being often the most difficult.
But I guarantee you one thing, you will never want to go back,  you will be so proud of your progress.

ClientCEO Sarah Galvan
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